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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This website is run by SeniorScape. We are an on-line information directory for seniors and their families or carers.

The contents provided on this website are for information purposes only. SeniorScape does not endorse or recommend any unrelated organisation that may be referenced within this site.

This site is not intended to offer advice of any description and must not be relied upon as such. For advice on any subject or issue raised on this site, we recommend your own enquiries and discussion take place directly with the specific organisation with which it is related, enabling you to make decisions based on your own research and independent advice.

Opinions expressed in editorial comment are solely those of the relevant author. SeniorScape takes no responsibility as to the reliability, accuracy or complete nature of the information provided on this website. We do not accept responsibility arising from errors or omissions in such information.

SeniorScape features and displays third party websites. We do not accept responsibility in connection with any website listed by SeniorScape. We do not accept any responsibility for any form of communication that may occur between a user and a third party website.

SeniorScape does not accept responsibility for any participation within activities, events, forums or workshops conducted by any third party.

SeniorScape is the copyright owner of the contents on this website, or it has been given permission to use content and images by a third party on this website. No part of this website may be copied or used in any other form.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

If entering into an Agreement with SeniorScape for a listing on the website, please note the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer available on the website.

An Agreement between SeniorScape and a Facility or Business begins on the date approved and continues until completion of the set period as agreed by both parties.

SeniorScape may amend, edit, remove or revise any published listing for whatever reason deemed necessary. SeniorScape will determine the word count and number of images available for each listing and takes no responsibility for omissions of content in any one listing. SeniorScape will determine the positioning of each listing.

An Agreement may be terminated at any time if SeniorScape and the Facility or Business agree in writing, or the Facility of Business fail to meet its obligations to make payment to SeniorScape by the due date. SeniorScape reserves the right to change the advertising prices and/or packages at any time. Such changes will apply to the Facility or Business when it either renews its listing or applies for a new listing. All payments are to be made by PayPal by the date as stated on the relevant invoice.

Any Facility or Business who would like to terminate their Agreement with SeniorScape and remove their listing, must give 4 weeks notice in writing. SeniorScape will not refund any fees already paid within a 4 week period.