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Aged and Community Services Australia

Aged Care Assessment Service (Victoria only)

Aged Care Assessment Team.   ACATs are teams of health professionals, such as nurses, social workers or other health professionals, who conduct comprehensive face-to-face assessments of older people who have complex aged care needs.  An ACAT assessment determines approval for access to residential care, Home Care Packages and transitional care.

Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) is the form completed by the ACAT team following an assessment.  It includes all the relevant information following on from the assessment.

Age Pension
Government financial support for older Australians aimed at reducing the cost of living.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
The Aged Care Commissioner reviews complaints and concerns raised by clients or their families as a result of unsatisfactory aspects of care or services.

Aged Care Home
A residential facility offering 24 hour nursing care along with a variety of services to assist a resident with daily needs and tasks.

Allied Health Professionals
Individuals providing health care to residents of the Aged Care Community. Allied Health Professionals are qualified individuals including Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Mental Health Team Members, Speech Therapists, Podiatrists or other qualified professionals caring for the elderly.

Assisted Living Units
Retirement Village Units that provide a range of personal services upon request and on a user-pays basis.

A Community Aged Care Package (CACP) are the care services and assistance delivered to you in your home, as a result of your ACAT Assessment stating low level care.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) allows care recipients or residents a higher level of involvement over their care program. Recipients have a high level of control over the types of care and services they receive, along with more choice over who delivers their care and how their care is delivered.

A Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CSHP) provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated range of basic maintenance, support and care services for approved people following an ACAT Assessment.

Council of the Aging

Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) Packages are the care services and assistance delivered to you in your home, as a result of your ACAT Assessment stating high level care. Packages are flexible and co-ordinated to suit individual needs.

Extended Aged Care at Home – Dementia (EACH D) Package are care services and assistance specifically designed for complex care needs due to behavioural or psychological symptoms associated with Dementia. Packages are flexible and co-ordinated to suit individual needs.

Home and Community Care (HACC) is a Commonwealth Government subsidized program.

Home Care Package
Home Care Package is a Commonwealth Government subsidized program. There are 4 levels of Home Care Packages, ranging from Level 1 with basic care needs through to Level 4 with high level care needs.

Independent Living Units
Independent Living Unit (ILU) is accommodation for people who choose to live independently but within a community setting with communal resources and facilities, often called a Retirement Village.

My Aged Care
My Aged Care is a Government Website and contact centre that was launched in 2013.

Nursing Home
Now called Residential Aged Care Facilities

Palliative Care
Palliative Care is specialised medical care focusing on providing relief from symptoms and stress towards the end of a person’s life, with the aim of improving their quality of life, keeping them comfortable and addressing psychological, spiritual and social needs.

If you are recovering from illness or injury you may benefit from rehabilitation.  This helps you to regain as much of your previous ability as possible so that you can become or remain as independent as you can be.

Residential Aged Care Facilities
Residential Care Facilities provide accommodation, intensive forms of care and support, and assistance with day-to-day living for frail and aged residents who are unable to continue living independently in their own homes. These facilities must be accredited and meet specific standards to receive Australian Government funding.

Respite Care
In instances when a carer or a care recipient needs a break from their usual care arrangement, Respite Care allows a short stay in an aged care home (up to 63 days per year) for people who have been assessed or approved to receive it. This may be on a planned or an emergency basis.

Retirement Village
See Independent Living Unit

Short Term Care
Short Term Care can be Respite Care, Transitional Care or Restorative Care.

Service Provider
A Service Provider is an organisation funded to provide aged care services to older people.

Support Plan
A Support Plan details the outcomes of discussions and assessments with a client in relation to what they would like to improve, achieve and agreed upon with regard to actions taken.  A Support Plan continues to be updated as a client’s situation changes.