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Living Choices

In Home Care

Many people want to stay in their own homes and live independently for as long as possible but may need some extra help. Assistance comes in many forms depending on the level of care needed. The organisations we have listed can help you plan and organise the support you may need.  

Retirement Villages

A Retirement Village is a residential community designed for older people who are generally able to care for themselves. A village offers a range of accommodation options, services and facilities, activities and socialisation opportunities catering to many different lifestyle choices.  

Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care is for people who can no longer live independently in their own homes. Different types of care provided range from personal care for daily activities through to 24 hour nursing care. Aged Care facilities often cater for a range of needs within the one facility.  

Short Term Care

Restorative, transitional or respite care is planned or emergency temporary care which allows eligible seniors or their carers to take a break either in their own homes or in residential facilities. Many organisations offer a range of options, along with care programs designed to suit individual needs.