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An information directory helping you navigate the senior space with confidence.

SeniorScape is an aged care information directory that aims to connect seniors and their families with practical information, helping them to gain confidence to plan pathways for the future.

There are many services available to assist and support seniors we care for during times of change. SeniorScape has compiled an extensive list of residential care facilities and resources. Whilst the information on our home page has a national focus, our directory listings relate to Sydney North, with plans to expand these listings into further regions in the future.


The Tap Dancing Knife Thrower – Paul Hogan

This is a funny and candid account of the life of this ‘lucky bastard’, as Hoges describes himself. Full of stories never previously shared, and recounted in the comedian’s inimitable, funny and self-deprecating style.

COVID 19 Information October 2021

As we emerge from lockdown and restrictions ease – this is a quick guide that takes you directly to important Covid 19 information provided by NSW Government, Australian Government and other organisations.

NSW Seniors Festival 2021

If you weren’t able to attend the NSW Seniors Festival in April you can watch it online as the wonderful Australian comedian, Jean Kittson chats to lots of different service providers.

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